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This is a song about anxiety attacks.


Ghosts underneath the frame of a king-sized bed
tell tales of old flames, gradeschool mistakes,
and actively inactive friends
Born of a smalltown, I'll die in a small town
that I can not disown
for someone else, I am “one of them”

You are no protagonist despite your hubris
despite your parents pumping you with compliments
you are no genius despite your music
despite the sycophants affirming your existence

Would you rather in the bedroom, in the kitchen
practice your religion
All your good friends, your baby nieces
if no one feeds them funny faces will they fall to pieces

Wolves at the door of my childhood home
barge the protector and rip him bone from bone
I am barely a thought in his mind
so he still thrashes and clashes to fight the dying of the light

Some would say through grand displays of mercy
a god hand's moulding dream
but who's to say a handgun in a bathtub
isn't divine intervention through mortal means

You are no figurehead, you are no idol
you will never usher in an indie rock revival
if you're an inspiration you'll go down in flames
skinny jeans and cardigans stomp your
Texas! Texas! grave




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Sam Rockwell Machete Champion Wintersville, Ohio

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